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we are Watt Architects

Watt is an architecture and design studio established by two young architects, having its main activity the creation of spaces and object that feed the human imagination. Our studio has a minimalist and modern perspective and combines very different materials under a new light. In the creative process we go deep into details so that everything we create has the owners identity and molds perfectly with ones lifestyle.


Some Interesting Facts

” One of the most important features of our studio is colaborating with young,vibrant and local object designers. We strongly belive that art must be in everyones life, under the shape that best relates to us.”


Our Skills

Thom Mayne said “Architecture is a way of seeing, thinking and questioning our world and our place in it” and it requires “an openness in our observation,and a will to act in affirmation.”
We truly belive in this words and so, we are constantly developing our perspective of the world that surrounds us and the impact that our work has on it.




Interior design


Product Design



Andra Popa

Graduated in 2014 “Architecture and Urban Planning” faculty in Cluj-Napoca, followed her desire of knowledge to Palermo and then came back to leave a longlasting mark on the city she loves. Passions as painting, photography and travel have given her a taste of constant descovery, making it a lifestyle . “Even though I love interior design, I am most drawn to architecture, to the state of mind that allows you to control, shape and connect spaces.”


Bogdan Badila

Born and raised in Sibiu, moved to Cluj-Napoca to later graduated “Architecture and Urban Planning” faculty in 2015. Wanted to see and understand the world we live in, so he never missed the opportunity to travel, meet and discover people.
“The thing I like most in my work is meating people, understanding the way they think and work, so that together we can find simple solutions to complex matters, because as a great man said, “simplicity is complexity resolved”.”



What We Do

Product design

Interior Design



Our partners and Clients

All our partnerships are based on mutual respect, trust and professionalism.


What we are and how to find us

We are an architecture studio that has a minimalist and modern perspective wich combines very different materials under a new light.

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Office in Cluj Napoca

  • Romania, Cluj-Napoca
  • +40773772931
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